Our Mission

Our vision is to develop a smartphone app that can be used by everyone in the world to find out in seconds whether they have COVID-19. We are utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to identify patterns undetectable by humans from the unique respiratory signatures of lungs damaged by the virus. From extensive research, we believe we can achieve 90% or more accuracy and help control this pandemic!

We hope to create a near future with:
1. Billions of people confidently knowing they are not infected
2. Reduced burden on health care systems, equipped with technology to know who to treat first
3. Eliminate the necessity of social distancing

We believe instant, universal, and early detection, which will allow society to pinpoint the locations of the virus, is the key to end the pandemic and necessity for lockdowns.

Why This Will Work

Because COVID-19 affects the throat and lungs of patients, detecting it in early stages from breathing and coughing sounds is feasible. Through analysis of this data, artificial intelligence is able to detect the signatures of COVID-19. Faculty from Stanford University's Medical and Artificial Intelligence research wings have given us their support, are on our advisory board, and believe in our mission.

Globally, this idea is being actively researched by several prestigious institutions, including CMU, MIT, and Cambridge. Our differentiator is that we have already gathered PCR-validated COVID cough data from hospitals under approved clinic study. We are student-led and advised by global thought leaders. We hail from various institutions and are driven to serve humanity with no expectation of financial reward.

You can find more details in our write-up.

What You Can Expect?

We are working tirelessly to rapidly develop accurate AI algorithms and a smartphone app. We expect to have a production-grade pre-check system by September. Our AI will keep improving as it learns from new users to provide accurate predictions of COVID-19 risk. We intend to deploy it globally, saving lives and bringing mental ease, while also preparing the world to handle future pandemics.

Who We Are

We are a passionate volunteer, student-run team of AI engineers, mobile web app developers, and young medical professionals. We want to do our best to help the situation and can’t think of anything more noble. We are part of Stanford's COVID-19 Response Innovation Lab and also featured in One Young World. Your support can benefit hundreds of millions of lives across 190+ countries!

How You Can Help