Our mission

We believe instant, universal, and early detection, which will allow society to pinpoint the locations of the virus, is the key to end the pandemic and necessity for lockdowns.


Focus on global impact

Collect data and provide a solution for people in developing countries across the world.


Reduce burden on health systems

Learn your COVID-19 risk status without ever needing to go to a hospital or testing site. Share your risk score with your doctor via phone or telehealth appointment to increase capacity at hospitals.


Decrease risk of exposure

Home testing means no trip to the hospital, reducing the risk of exposure to both you and healthcare workers. Early detection means you can isolate yourself sonner, decreasing the risk of infection for others who come in contact with you.


End lockdowns

Global detection and contact tracing help end current lockdowns safely while also working to prevent future ones. Early detection and isolation of COVID-19 positive patients means typical routines can be resumed sooner.


Increase access to care

Testing for rural communities and others who live far from hospitals or testing sites. No-cost testing solution for COVID-19.

Stress level

Decrease stress

Feeling symptoms? Find out your risk early without the stress of waiting to get tested. No need to worry about testing availibility for access.