Early detection of COVID-19 with AI technology

Help us fight the pandemic!

Our mission

Our vision is to develop a smartphone app that can be utilized by everyone in the world to determine whether they have COVID-19 in seconds. Utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, we can identify patterns in the unique respiratory signatures of lungs damaged by the virus that are undetectable by humans. Based on extensive research in the field, we believe we can achieve a solid 75% or greater accuracy and help mitigate the effects of this pandemic!

How will it work?

Record your cough sounds & save lives

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Donate your cough

Your contribution will help us build a powerful tool that can supplement the traditional diagnostics currently in use.

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Help train the AI to recognize cough sounds

Help us by contributing to a large database of cough sounds. The larger our dataset is, the more accurate and sensitive we are able to train our AI to be.

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Aid us in building a powerful AI app

Help provide support so we can build a powerful app that accurately allows for early diagnosis of COVID-19

About us

We are a passionate youth-run team of AI engineers, mobile web app developers, and young medical professionals. We want to do our best to help the situation and are grateful for the opportunity to bring about change during such a pivotal time for public health around the world. We are part of Stanford's COVID-19 Response Innovation Lab and also featured in One Young World. Your support can benefit hundreds of millions of lives across 190+ countries!

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Our timeline

Dates are subject to change

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Collecting cough samples
& Building AI prototype

End by Q1 2021

Validate test clinically

End by Q2 2021

Launch mobile app

End by Q3 2021

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