Virufy & One Young World

Virufy is honored to extend a special invitation to all One Young World ambassadors around the world to join our team and contribute to stop COVID-19 quickly.
Please visit our Join Page to apply!

Virufy is inspired by One Young World!

Virufy has been featured on various OYW platforms, including in the Americas and Japan, ambassadors in action , and ambassadors on the frontline for COVID-19 response . We are also collaborating with OYW coordinating ambassadors across various regions for outreach efforts. Please stay tuned as we update this page!

Focused on global impact

Collect data and provide equitable solutions for people in developing countries across the world.

Youth led

Our growing team is led by youth from over a dozen countries and are advised by global leaders.

Ambassador driven

Our organization structure matches One Young World with youth ambassadors leading operations in each country, with regional coordinating ambassadors.

Diverse representation

Our team has representation from over 25 universities and 15 countries and includes more than 10 One Young World ambassadors.

OYW Ambassadors

Amil Khanzada
OYW Ambassador Japan
Annelisse Torrez Daza
OYW Ambassador Bolivia
Gonzalo Roiffe
OYW Ambassador Argentina
Jason Pareja Jauregui
OYW Ambassador Peru
Katherine Thalia Ortiz León
OYW Ambassador Peru
Marcos Deza
OYW Ambassador Argentina
Nathan Thomas
OYW Ambassador USA
Sebastian Pedraza
OYW Ambassador Colombia
Verónica Guzmán Quilaqueo
OYW Ambassador Chile
Madhav Datt
OYW Ambassador India
Yulie Qiao
OYW Ambassador USA


Our team is led by students dedicated to social good from reputable institutions like Stanford, Princeton, and One Young World. We have strong trust in members of the One Young World community and warmly welcome any ambassadors interested to pitch in.

Having suffered through COVID myself along with all of my family in a underprivileged country, I knew instantly that I could make a difference and prevent others from facing my same fate by joining Virufy.
Annelisse Torrez Daza

4546 El Camino Real B10 #614, Los Altos, California 94022, USA

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