A free COVID screening tool in the palm of your hand. Immediate. Accessible. Anonymous.
All you will need is a smartphone and your cough - no matter where you are in the world.

You can be part of the solution! Visit our Join Page for open volunteering opportunities and also check out the Virufy OYW playbook.

Virufy & One Young World

Virufy was inspired by OYW and is supported by delegates and ambassadors from around the world. Read about Virufy on ambassadors in action and ambassadors on the frontline for COVID-19 response.

Help us bring Virufy to hospitals and communities near you! Together, we will transform healthcare and stop the spread of COVID. And this is just the beginning - join us in the fight against future pandemics, too!

Check us out at the OYW 2021 Summit on 25 July 2021:

  • Yulie Qiao, Virufy’s Operations Lead, will be speaking during the COVID-19 Plenary Session.
  • Learn more about Virufy at the Digital Exhibition.

Come Say Hi!

  • Amil Khanzada - OYW Japan Ambassador & Virufy’s Founder and CEO
  • Yulie Qiao - bp delegate, USA & Virufy Operations
  • Ayomide Owoyemi, MD - Novartis delegate, Nigeria & Virufy ML Clinical Stats
  • Shreya Shreeram, MD - Virufy delegate, India & Virufy Clinical Research

Focused on global impact

Collect data and provide equitable solutions for people in developing countries across the world.

Youth led

Our growing team is led by youth from over a dozen countries and are advised by global leaders.

Ambassador driven

Our organization structure matches One Young World with youth ambassadors leading operations in each country, with regional coordinating ambassadors.

Diverse representation

Our team has representation from over 25 universities and 15 countries and includes more than 10 One Young World ambassadors.

Volunteer Stories

Our team is led by students dedicated to social good from reputable institutions like Stanford, Princeton, and One Young World. We have strong trust in members of the One Young World community and warmly welcome any ambassadors interested to pitch in.

Having suffered through COVID myself along with all of my family in a underprivileged country, I knew instantly that I could make a difference and prevent others from facing my same fate by joining Virufy.

Annelisse Torrez Daza


Our supporters

The experience and determination of the organizations that contribute to Virufy represent the union of some of the most influential leaders in business, academia, and society.

Virufy is a Stanford COVID-19 Response Innovation Lab project and is also featured in One Young World

Our OYW x Virufy Community

Amil Khanzada

OYW Ambassador, Japan

Virufy Founder & Leader

Madhav Datt

OYW Ambassador, India

Virufy Advisor

Marcos Deza

OYW Ambassador, Argentina

Virufy Digital Communications

Yulie Qiao

OYW Delegate Speaker, USA

Virufy Operations

Ayomide Owoyemi, MD

OYW Delegate, Nigeria

Virufy Machine Learning Clinical Statistics

Shreya Sreeram, MD

2021 Virufy Delegate, India

Virufy Clinical Research

Laura Velasquez

2021 OYW Johnson & Johnson Delegate, Colombia

Arkangel AI Co-founder and President & Virufy Partner

Nathan Thomas

OYW Coordinating Ambassador, USA

Jason Pareja Jauregui

OYW Coordinating Ambassador LATAM, Peru

Katherine Thalia Ortiz León

OYW Ambassador, Peru

Gonzalo Roiffe

OYW Ambassador, Argentina

Annelisse Torrez Daza

OYW Ambassador, Bolivia

Verónica Guzmán Quilaqueo

OYW Ambassador, Chile

Sebastian Pedraza

OYW Ambassador, Colombia

Kenmaru Suedomi

OYW Ambassador, Japan

Kapil Narain, MD

OYW Ambassador, South Africa

Leonard Burhz

OYW Ambassador, Ireland